Friday Night CASH Poker!

Here at Ipswich Pub Poker we pride our self on giving our players what they want, whilst staying 100% legal! We know that many of our players would like to play for higher stakes and different formats than our league games (and the law!) allow - and without having to travel miles to the nearest Casino. In order to provide this, we have teamed up with Kirby Street Conservative Club in Ipswich to host CASH POKER games on alternate Fridays starting this Friday the 5th of April.

Excited? Well read on.....


Players cash in at 10 plus a 2 admin fee

Chip Values: 100 = 10p ~ 500 = 50p ~ 1000 = 1 ~ 5000 = 5

Players can cash out at 10pm and then on the half hour after that

Re-buys are allowed at any point once a player has lost all his chips

A player can only cash out for ALL of his chips and cannot cash back in.

You may leave the table at any time you are NOT on a button (dealer or blinds). Take all your chips with you and you will not be dealt in the next hand. This is now a free seat and can be taken by another player.

You may rejoin any table at an empty seat. When joining a new table you must post a big blind on your first hand. If you wish to leave the table but keep your position you must leave your chips on the table. You will continue to be dealt in the next hands, your cards folded and any blinds posted for you.

It is the player's responsibility to look after their chips at all times. When at the table ALL CHIPS must be visible at all times.

Blinds remain at 10p / 20p all night.


No splashing the pot

Always declare your bets

Verbal declarations are binding

Minimum bet / minimum raise is the size of the big blind


All other IPP Rules apply - Please see your TD for a full copy if required.

Spaces are limited and are first come, first seated.

Friday Night Poker will be held on:

The Old Times Guest House , Cauldwell Hall Road, Ipswich


For details of how to register and get membership please contact us.

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