The top players from every league venue are guaranteed an invite to seasons finals. All remaining available seats will be offered to the highest scoring players from across all venue leagues. (Max 72 seats available.)

The Brickies BullsSunday7.00pm
The Gardeners ArmsWednesday8.00 pm77 Fore Hamlet IP3 8AB
THE GOLF HOTELMonday8.00 pm

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Each venue hosts its own separate league. As a member of Ipswich PubPoker you are welcome to play at any (and all!) of our venues. Points earned at any venue are valid for that league only and cannot be carried over to other venues.

All of league games are played for small stakes of 4 with 100% of stakes paid out on the night. Players are also asked to make a donation of 1 that goes into the Season Charity Fund. For more information about how we raise money for charity please see here.

We play 4 seasons a year with each season consisting of 11 league games. At the end of each season we invite the top players from the leagues to attend our Charity Finals Event where we raise money for local charity and offer a tournament prize pool of up to 750.

Players are welcome to join the league at any time throughout the season and with our unique qualifying structure it's never too late to qualify! At the end of the season if you haven't qualified, you may qualify as a sub if there are places available. If you haven't qualified as a sub you may still be eligible to play if you have played three times or more at the same venue and if there are places available.

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